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An introduction to Rays of Hope


Nurture a child today…and make them smile

Mr. Amidu, Headmaster, Chilomoni LEA Primary School

Mr Amidu is the Headmaster at Chilomoni LEA Primary School, and this is what he said about Rays of Hope

“Rays of Hope has been a very helpful partner in helping our learners master their material especially those who are slow learners. We have seen a great improvement with the learners who go through RaHoM programs. I would love this to spread to other schools as well.”

Learners In Our Program

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Alumni Working As Tutors

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Youth Trained In Job Acquisition Skills

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Teachers Receive Technical Support

Learners Receive Educational Support

Secondary School Students Get Bursaries


Children and youth in urban and peri-urban locations access quality primary, secondary and entrepreneurial education as a pathway to, personal advancement, and community development as tools to eradicate poverty in Malawi.


RaHoM is a faith based organisation that creatively uses a trident approach in strengthening the education system in Malawi’s urban or peri-urban focusing on primary school, secondary school and youth entrepreneurship.

Our Core Values


We are a youth-led organisation that is super organised, has excellent work ethic and is mindful of our investment. We believe that professionalism means delivering results, attracting and retaining partners.


We are faithful to use resources at our disposal with a high level of honesty, transparency and accountability. We believe that high level of integrity is key to maximise development investment.

Human Dignity

Every human being is made in the image of God, deserving every right treatment and care. We ensure that the lives of those around us, especially children, are safe and respected.


Education is a catalyst for development BUT not every kind of education. We believe that relevant, creative and affordable education is a catalyst for development and we are a true definition of that.