The Case

Secondary school education in Malawi is not free; as such, many learners from poor homes dropout because they lack school fees. Data shows that only 35% of learners who complete primary school manage to get into high school. Real numbers indicates that secondary school enrollment is only at 15% below the Sub-Saharan Africa average of 33%. In rural parts; in fact, fewer than 5% of girls would complete lower secondary school (grade 9 and 10).

The Solution

This program reaches out to 50 secondary (High) school learners providing secondary school bursaries, career coaching and health education related support through a participatory approach. We partner with 5 secondary schools in the city of Blantyre and most of these learners come from slums around the city.

In addition, students from our community walk at least an hour to get to the nearest good secondary school. To rectify this, we are building a Secondary school. We invite you to be part of this project; please hit the button below to donate regularly or one time.